My good friend and colleague, Chris Churchill, had some very nice things to say about me and posted my blog on his. I thought it was a cool idea (of course) and decided to do the same and add the few other blogs I read.

  • Chris Churchill – Director of Channel 6 at UCA, filmmaker, 2D/3D artist, and digital filmmaking professor at UCA
  • Joe Dull – filmmaker, daddy, professor, and owner of criminally bad hair
  • Stu Maschwitz ( – filmmaker, photographer, and writer, with a passion for kinetic storytelling
  • Oliver Peters – independent video/film editor, colorist, post production supervisor and consultant. He also “moonlights” as a contributing editor/writer for Videography, DV and TV Technology magazines
  • Scott Squires (Effects Corner) – Insights to visual effects for motion pictures and television