My education and experience is in traditional art and design disciplines as well as high-end computer graphics. Professionally I do film and broadcast animation, design visualization, and I have worked on projects that mix computer graphics with traditional events-oriented productions such as plays and concerts using scenic design, large-scale imagery, motion capture, and show control technologies.

With over 14 years of full time teaching experience, I am also an educator and education remains an important aspect of my professional life. I have taught various courses in computer animation, design visualization, visual effects, television production, and professional development.


In the Digital Realm: 3D Animation (especially modeling, shading, lighting, and cinematography), Visual Effects compositing, Motion Capture technologies, Virtual Scenery, Show Control, University-level teaching.

In the Analog Realm: Drawing, painting, metal working, woodworking, stained glass working, Scenic Design, Lighting Design, and Technical Direction.

Academic and Professional CV