A dramatic science-fiction story about an astronaut who encounters intelligent alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, and the reaction his meeting provokes when he returns to Earth.

Believed to be the first narrative fiction stereoscopic 3D film shot in Arkansas, Europa is an experiment in low-budget, independent stereo filmmaking. Using a specially-built two camera rig, the film was shot almost entirely in a green screen studio environment, and features over 200 effects shots (including both left and right shots). Effects include one exterior and two interior virtual sets, holograms, computer user-interfaces, and costume enhancements.

The is an excerpt, yet complete story, from the 15-minute film.

Directed by Bruce Hutchinson; cinematography, compositing, and stereo3D grading by Chris Churchill; and virtual scenery design, stereo3D camera rig, match moving, compositing, and VFX supervision by W. Scott Meador.

Europa from Scott Meador on Vimeo.



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