Computer Graphics

My professional career in computer graphics began in 1997 doing architectural visualizations and my original reason for getting into graphics was for scenic and lighting visualizations of my own designs. I consider myself a 3D artist first and visual effects/motion graphics artist second and my professional work tends to mirror that. I currently work with 3D animation and visual effects for design visualization, virtual scenery, and 3D motion graphics. I do have strong design skills and have done 2D animation and motion graphics as well.

I have moved between popular software applications and am very familiar with 3ds max (certified instructor 2000-2003), Maya, and Blender. I switched to Blender from Maya in 2007 and have been using it professionally and teaching with it exclusively since then. I am well versed in After Effects, Photoshop, Motion, Final Cut Pro, and several video and image utility applications.

I am also skilled in Apple OS X and Linux system administration and Python programming.

Production Design

Currently only one theatrical show and one film is on the website unfortunately. For theatrical shows I am moving towards minimalist scenery with detailed properties and/or projections in order to push the theatricality of a live event. Uses of projection design and show control are my primary interests in live event design for the foreseeable future since it blends best with computer graphics and video. I also enjoy lighting design, but have few opportunities in my schedule to do it.

For film design I look for low-budget possibilities in augmenting existing locations or building scenery when absolutely needed. My current work is in virtual scenery design for films.

Traditional Art

I prefer drawing and painting (oil and acrylic) and have some new paintings underway. I have many more drawings, paintings, and other works than what is currently on the site – it is just taking time to photograph them all.


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