Shopsmith ER10 to Drill Press

I restored this 1950s-era Shopsmith ER10 about 12 years ago and since then have used it for a wood lathe, disk sander, drill press, and horizontal boring machine (fancy way of saying drill press on its side).


Shopsmith ER10

About four years ago I purchased an early 1960s Shopsmith Mark V for $50 and since then the two have been sitting side-by-side in my garage. I bought the Mark V because it has a stronger motor, better speed control and it has a rolling base. This one happens to be a “Goldie,” which was only sold for three years.

Goldie - needs restoration

Goldie – needs restoration

Two Shopsmiths side-by-side is dumb. The idea was to make the ER10 into a drill press and possibly a milling machine, but year after year it wasn’t happening – until now. I was inspired by this found with Pinterest,

but felt a base would be better than trying to attach it to a wall. The new base is 1-1/2″ angle iron welded and a 1-1/2″ pine top (with linseed oil and wax finish).

Now it’s time to get that Goldie running. It really just needs cleaning and repainting.


Cutting 45deg angles (miters)


Everything’s cut


Layout for welding


Finished base


Prep’ing for permanent mount


Base and upper support


Everything’s on and bolted down


All together